Times Change and So Must I

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Times Change and So Must I

Postby admin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:00 pm

It always means a lot when you can quote Doctor Who in a meaningful way. Beginning on Monday, February 15, 2016, I will be moving on from For the Love of Tech as Senior Editor for North America of Neowin.

I'm super excited for this opportunity and I look forward to seeing all of you there too. You have all been an amazing audience and I can't thank you enough for the success that I've obtained throughout the past two and a half years.

When I started For the Love of Tech, it was little more than an outlet for me to talk about technology with people. I did, however, have values that I've upholded. Values that I don't see from other sites.

1. My main goal was to be honest. There are so many sites out there that are just full of crap. After all, giving the iPhone a bad review gets you uninvited to the next iPhone event, right? It certainly doesn't help. My goal was to always speak the truth, or at least the truth as I see it.

2. Windows Central exists. The Verge exists. Engadget exists. Gizmodo exists. If you want this type of content, there's a thousand places to get it from. My only differentiator that I ever had was myself, so my goal was to be myself. It's worked out well.

3. Quality. Quality always takes place over quantity. I don't write about unverified rumors. I don't write about how some obscure app on Windows Mobile got a "bug fixes and performance improvements" update. I try to never write anything where the reader will click the link and he won't gain anything from it.

These three main values have been my core values since day one and I will continue to uphold these values when I continue my work at Neowin. Nothing will change except the logo over my content. Well, some things will change, but these three core values will not.

Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for being such an amazing audience. I truly couldn't have continued to do what I've done for the past two and a half years without you.

For the Love of Tech will continue to exist, if for reference only. For the time being, the site will continue to exist, the YouTube channel will continue to be available, and the apps will still work. Just don't expect much new content.

Finally, for old time's sake, I'm going to leave a hot chick in body paint at the bottom of the page.

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