2016: Beginnings and Endings

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2016: Beginnings and Endings

Postby admin » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:25 pm

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Happy New Year from For the Love of Tech. 2015 has really been a breakout year for us and we expect 2016 to be even bigger! You can read that at out Christmas forum post. This post is about the changes that we're planning to make over the course of 2016.

When I started For the Love of Tech in 2013, I never dreamed in a million years that we would be where we are today. I used a stock Wordpress theme and picked an admittedly terrible name.

Now that we're growing at a faster and faster rate of acceleration, it's time to make some changes.

Beginnings: Redesigned ForTheLoveOfTech.com

As I said, when I started out on ForTheLoveOfTech.com, I picked a stock theme on Wordpress. More specifically, the Twenty Fourteen theme. Make no mistake, I'm very happy with our current theme and it does the things that we want it to, but it's really time for something new.

I've been searching for a new theme for weeks and I've narrowed it down to a few. I hope you enjoy the new design.

Beginnings: For the Love of Tech 5.0

A few months ago, I added a feedback section to the For the Love of Tech app and boy, have I received a ton of feedback. By this time, you might think that your feedback has been ignored. I can assure you that I read every piece of feedback that comes in.

While ForTheLoveOfTech.com is being redesigned, we're planning on redesigning the For the Love of Tech app as well.

Note that we're talking about the Windows 10 Universal app here. I consider the Windows 8.1 Universal app to be done, for the most part; however, the Windows 10 Universal app, much like Windows 10, is never done.

For the Love of Tech 5.0 will include much requested features like scrolling horizontally on the home page and being able to see more than 10 posts at a time. I'm really looking forward to the new app and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Endings: For the Love of Tech Insider Preview

For the Love of Tech Insider Preview, originally named For the Love of Tech Beta, originally existed as a way to beta test the Windows 10 Universal app when it wasn't ready to be released as an update to the For the Love of Tech Windows 8.1 app.

When I was finally ready to release the Windows 10 Universal app as an update to the main For the Love of Tech app, I promised that I would continue to use the For the Love of Tech Insider Preview app to test new features. Thus far, I have used it for just that.

About a month ago, I received some feedback that told me that people wanted me to remove ads from the For the Love of Tech app. A few days later, For the Love of Tech Pro was born, an ad free version of For the Love of Tech that costs $1.99.

We now have three apps in the Windows Store, along with one Android app. I really have to say, it's getting harder and harder to support these apps. It's well beyond the days of releasing new builds from For the Love of Tech Insider Preview and when it's ready, simply changing the name back to For the Love of Tech and releasing the update.

Because of this, we will be ending support for For the Love of Tech Insider Preview when For the Love of Tech 5.0 is released. Until then, we will be using the For the Love of Tech Insider Preview app to test flight the For the Love of Tech 5.0 app.

I can't thank our Insiders enough for testing the new features of our app. I know there have been times where the app was too unstable even to open. Really, you guys are great. Because of this, I'm exploring options to get users of For the Love of Tech Insider Preview on the upgrade path of For the Love of Tech Pro; however, according to Microsoft, it's impossible to combine apps.

I'm also going to look into making it into a private app. That way, if there's a reason to bring it back, we still can and anyone still using it can receive the update.

Possible ending and beginning: New name?

These announcements are really meant to respond to the amazing growth that we've received this year. This growth has helped us to acknowledge two fundamental problems that need to be changed if we are to continue to grow.

1) We can't continue to use a stock Wordpress theme
2) We can't continue to be called For the Love of Tech

For the Love of Tech contains three stop words: "for", "the", and "of". Aside from that, it contains two common words: "love" and "tech".

Just last week, I heard from someone in Serbia that asked me to release out app in his region. The sad reality is that the For the Love of Tech app is available in all 242 markets, meaning that it's not that we don't have an app. It's that he couldn't find the app.

When you search for For the Love of Tech in the U.S., you can easily find it because there have been thousands of downloads in the U.S. For all I know, this guy might have been the first to even search for For the Love of Tech in Serbia.

I put out a request for ideas for a new name. The results weren't great. No one could come up with anything without the word "tech" in it. It was all "Tech This" and "That Tech". Really, Engadget took the word gadget and made it their own. If you search or Engadget, all you can possibly find is Engadget's content. Same goes for Gizmodo and gizmo.

I really wanted to announce a rebranding today, but I just haven't been able to come up with anything. Last night, I thought about changing the name from For the Love of Tech to ForTheLoveOfTech.com. At least the kid in Serbia would be able to find my app, despite the ridiculous amount of syllables.

I'd still really like to change the name, but I'm just fresh out of ideas, and no one else seems to be able to think creatively. I'm not looking for a pun or a play on words. I just want a good name that I'm not going to want to change in another year.

Expect to see these changes by the end of Q1 2016, starting with the redesign of ForTheLoveOfTech.com. I know I have my work cut out for me, but I expect to have everything completed by March 31, 2016.

I want to once again thank you all for a wonderful year. It's truly been an amazing ride and I look forward to having an even more amazing year next year!

Rich W Woods
Editor in Chief, For the Love of Tech

p.s. I know I promised a giveaway and I still promise that it's coming soon. I may be able to grab some additional prizes to give away, so we're having a bit of a delayed start!

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